Woaaaaahh Bill and Ted are back

Sep 24, 10 Woaaaaahh Bill and Ted are back

Posted by Ellray in Movie News

It’s been confirmed that an new Bill & Ted’s Adventure is in the works MTV have reported that Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are both on board to star in a new Bill & Ted movie. In an interview Alex Winter caught up with Adam Rosenberg to dish the dirt….Excellentttttt “We kicked around the idea over the years and...

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Kardashians at Mercedes Fashion Week

Jul 22, 10 Kardashians at Mercedes Fashion Week

Posted by Meli in Fashion

Kim Kardashian got all dressed up and fabulous as she attended the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011 in Miami Beach on Friday 16th July, 2010.

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Gary Coleman Dead

May 28, 10 Gary Coleman Dead

Posted by Meli in Celebrity Gossip, Current Affairs

We are sorry to have found out that Gary Coleman has died at the age of 42. The different strokes star with an adult life full of gossip and tabloid presence died on Friday 28th May 2010 at a Utah hospital from a brain hemorrhage.

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Megan Fox Unemployed

May 20, 10 Megan Fox Unemployed

Posted by Ellray in Cinema

It time to light a candle and mourn, for Megan Fox has been Fired from Transformers 3. Reports have come in that Michael Bay has given Megan her P45 and sent her on her merry way. It could be something to do with calling your boss Hitler that gets you fired from one of the biggest action movies in history! Looks like just as Michael...

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