Charlie’s been a bad boy….Again!

Oct 28, 10 Charlie’s been a bad boy….Again!

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The Daily Mirror is reporting that Hellraiser Charlie Sheen took a vice girl for dinner with his former wife just hours before his booze and drug-fuelled hotel rampage. Sheen, 45, was already reportedly getting into the swing of things with the hooker before Denise Richards – mum of his two girls – joined them at a...

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Rapper Guru Dies

Apr 20, 10 Rapper Guru Dies

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It’s a sad day for Hip Hop and NCM as reports have flown in that rapper Guru has died at the age of 43 after a long battle with cancer. The New York born MC went into cardiac arrest on March 2 and was in a coma for some time. He had tried to keep the cancer diagnosis private, but in early March, news leaked that Guru had been...

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Kick Ass Review

Apr 01, 10 Kick Ass Review

Posted by Ellray in Cinema

I was first privileged to see Kick Ass about a month before release and initially my thoughts before the filmed started was that this film probably was going to be well…ok. As I munched on my popcorn and my wine gums that I snuck in, I wondered how a British director with a British cast will be able to take on the might of...

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