Transformers Bumblebee got stung

Oct 13, 10 Transformers Bumblebee got stung

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While filming Transformers 3 in Washington DC, the set was invaded by a Police car responding to a death threat. Although the roads were closed due for filming, the police car had to take the quickest route to get to the destination. Turns out, that was right through the set and as a result Bumblebee got caught in the cross...

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Passion Play Premiere

Stepping out for the premiere of her latest movie, Megan Fox was looking ever-so-fabulous at the Ryerson Theatre in Toronto, Canada on Friday night (September 10).

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Megan Fox Looking Shifty

Jul 22, 10 Megan Fox Looking Shifty

Posted by Meli in Celebrity Gossip

Boasting a "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" t-shirt, Megan Fox was spotted on her way out of a Beverly Hills, California clinic on Wednesday morning (July 21). Looking shifty covering her face with her wallet and a bundle of letters and packages under her arm, Fox raised alarm.

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Megan Fox Unemployed

May 20, 10 Megan Fox Unemployed

Posted by Ellray in Cinema

It time to light a candle and mourn, for Megan Fox has been Fired from Transformers 3. Reports have come in that Michael Bay has given Megan her P45 and sent her on her merry way. It could be something to do with calling your boss Hitler that gets you fired from one of the biggest action movies in history! Looks like just as Michael...

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Alexis Neiers jailed

May 12, 10 Alexis Neiers jailed

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American reality TV star Alexis Neiers has been jailed for stealing from the rich and keeping it from the poor. She has admitted to being a member of the ‘Bling Ring’ teenage gang that stole over £2 Million worth of clothes and jewellery from Hollywood A-Listers homes. Neiers, 18, has been jailed for 6 months and has confessed...

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