Tiger Woods £100 million Divorce

Aug 25, 10 Tiger Woods £100 million Divorce

Posted by Meli in Celebrity Breakups

Divorce lawyer Vanessa Lloyd Platt said: "The rumours are bouncing around and the smart thinking is that Elin will receive a settlement into the early £100 million, not half of his £1 billion."

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Cheryl’s Brave Appearance

Mar 20, 10 Cheryl’s Brave Appearance

Posted by Meli in Celebrity Gossip

Cheryl Cole made her return to British TV screen for the first time since the breakdown of her marriage.

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Cheryl Cole’s Family Fury

Mar 11, 10 Cheryl Cole’s Family Fury

Posted by admin in Celebrity Gossip

The 'Parachute' singer - who announced her separation from the football player Ashley Cole last month - was left devastated by claims he had slept with a string of women behind her back and her brother is furious at the way "arrogant" Ashley treated his younger sister.

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Katie Price: The Movie

Katie Price aka Jordan is now in negotiations to have her autobiographies adapted for the silver screen into her own movies and thinks the projects will go into production and will be a success.

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