Cheryl in need of a parachute

Nov 07, 10 Cheryl in need of a parachute

If I had said a couple of weeks ago that Cheryl Cole would be receiving death threats in the forthcoming weeks, you would probably be thinking that I was barking mad. After hundreds of Cheryl’s soldiers queued up in the pouring rain to meet their idol at Waterstone’s flagship bookstore in London’s Piccadilly for her book signing, where she launched the release of her first book – Through My Eyes, you wouldn’t have thought that she would be making a herd of enemies literally just a couple of days later.

The riot against Cole started after she booted out Zimbabwe born and X Factor starlet, Gamu Nhengu, in favour of her mini-me Cher Lloyd and oh so quirky yet crumbling Katie Waissel. After witnessing the disappointing auditions from Cher and Katie at judge’s house, X Factor fans were sparked by Cole’s decision to withdraw Gamu from the competition even after admitting how she has a “great voice”.

Immediately after viewers learnt Gamu’s fate, the world of the internet became a hot spot for red blooded Gamu supporters.  A Facebook campaign group titled as ‘Gamu should have got through’ attracted over 250,000 facebookers, where users circulated their opinions and outbursts regarding their disapproval of Cheryl’s decision. One wrote with a full 100% backing of Gamu saying “the show is totally fixed, even if her visa is waiting to go through they still could have done something about it, something wrong happened here and it has made Cheryl Cole and the show look bad”.

Along with the internet abuse, Cole was left shaken up by death threats. One Gamu fan who goes by the name of Supa Capone circulated a series of messages via Blackberry Messenger, with one very deeply stating: “Every1 has a bullet for you”. A tad irrational I would say, after all, Gamu was not the only contestant who was given the knock. And the other contestants who were shown the door by Simon Cowell’s right hand were as equally talented as Gamu.

Heated Supa Capone explains the reason to why he struck an attack on the Geordie beauty “It’s the fact that Cheryl stated that Gamu had no experience to go through when Katie forgot her words and Cher couldn’t even sing because of her throat”. He also reminisced the fact that a number of young contestants were sent away in previous years due to not yet being geared up for the competition. Yet Cher and Katie were both put through after they faltered in their auditions “Cher is 17 and usually they always tell young people to come back. Anastasia came back twice and they never gave her a chance”. But putting all the negativity to one side, Supa Capone still admits to watching The X Factor every week. Well it was either that or making an enemy in Supa Capone, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Another Facebook group predominantly aimed at Cheryl Cole with the harsh words of ‘We hate Cheryl Cole’ seemed to attract a rather diminutive number of Facebook users. With only 678 haters out of the UK’s population of 62 million, I’m pretty sure that Cheryl won’t be needing to shed one of her famous teardrops.  Although one comment posted by a user might just actually set her off “fingers crossed the malaria will finish that whore off,” a bit overly harsh for the nation’s sweetheart…or not?

The abusive comments continued on with one user slating Cole’s singing abilities by saying “she wouldn’t be so bad if she could sing properly and produce half decent music,” Ouch!

Cheryl’s soldier’s were quick to respond to all the criticism surrounding their idol, and in a clever comeback to the groups title, one fan wrote “We hate Cheryl Cole…Cheryl Cole hates you!”. Nice to see Cheryl’s fans fighting for their love, she would be so proud!

And the support for Cole flooded in, where another devoted Cheryl fan stated the obvious saying “Anyone noticed how its all WOMEN on this page that totally hate her! OMG, get a life, just coz u lot are all jealous of her”. I got to agree with Jason here, I’ve always envied Cheryl’s immaculately stunning looks, I hate you Cheryl Cole!

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