Plan B Too Famous For USA

Oct 31, 10 Plan B Too Famous For USA

Plan B is so tired from his fame that he wants to leave the American money and fame so he can have a holiday now and again! Alright for some eh?

The singer-and-rapper is planning to tour the US in January but isn’t bothered if he is a success because he doesn’t want to get anymore famous.

Plan B – whose second album ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’ has been a hit across Europe – said: “I’m going to America in January. We gonna do some live shows and just do what we did in the UK and see if they like it. But if they do like it, then I’m worried it could ruin my film. It’s like, am I going to go to America and work this record for like another year at the expense of all the new fresh stuff I want to be doing? I’m about as big as I’m gonna be right now man. I don’t want to get any bigger really, at least America is one place I can go if I don’t want to be recognised if I just want to be normal. I suppose there’s always China.”

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