Charlie’s been a bad boy….Again!

Oct 28, 10 Charlie’s been a bad boy….Again!
The Daily Mirror is reporting that Hellraiser Charlie Sheen took a vice girl for dinner with his former wife just hours before his booze and drug-fuelled hotel rampage.
Sheen, 45, was already reportedly getting into the swing of things with the hooker before Denise Richards – mum of his two girls – joined them at a restaurant.
The ex-Bond Girl, 39, was so disgusted with the couple’s antics that she left. A source revealed: “Charlie was rowdy from the beginning, like he had been drinking. He was stumbling, loud and being very frisky and touchy-feely.
“Charlie and his date excused themselves to the bathroom together for a long time. Hmmmm could it be they both accidently had allot of fibre that day? We think not!
Reports over the last few days have come in how police raided Sheen’s New York hotel suite at 2am when the vice girl rang them in terror. She and the actor were naked and he had caused £5,000 of destruction. Police sources said there was smashed glass under his bed, blood on the carpet and a wrecked chandelier.
Yesterday Denise – mum of Sam, six, and Lola, five, who divorced Sheen in 2006 – voiced support for him and said: “I have a lot of faith in my ex. Charlie will always be a part of my life. We are bonded together for ever.”
The actress and their kids were in a nearby suite as Sheen went on the rampage. She said: “I did not call 911. I was not screaming or freaking out. Other than that, the details of what went on I would prefer to keep private and personal.
“My daughters are unaware of what happened and I am trying to protect them.”
Three-times married Sheen was released from a psychiatric unit yesterday and returned to Los Angeles. He would only say: “I’m fine. I know what went down and that’s where it will stay – under wraps.”
Looks like they may need to change the name of his show next season. Concept art below:


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