Kanye West’s Runway Short Film

Oct 25, 10 Kanye West’s Runway Short Film

Great start to the week with Kanye West’s full length Runway short film



  1. How could you advertise such things? What kind of a magazine are you? Can you not see that this video promotes racism towards anyone who is not black? Seriously dude, try using your brains sometimes!

  2. admin2 /

    Dear Derin Devlet

    As New Cover Magazine we are neutral. It is a promotional video of a famous celebrity, as you can tell we have not given any comments regarding our opinion on the video and how we have interpreted it. Our job is to provide the readers with information and news therefore you must expect videos, articles etc that do not suit you or might seem wrong to you. We try to accommodate to everyones needs and interests. We apologize for any inconvenience but we believe we are just doing our jobs. Thank you for your comment.

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