Eva Longoria Sued OVer Crash

Oct 25, 10 Eva Longoria Sued OVer Crash

Eva Longoria Parker apparently drove into some guys car… and now she’s getting sued!!

The ‘Desperate Housewives’ actress was involved in a minor accident on Los Angeles’ Hollywood Boulevard last Wednesday (20.10.10), with driver Roman Gaparyan insisting she is entirely at fault for the crash, claiming the brunette beauty made a “sudden turn” and crashed into his stationary car.

Roman’s lawyer Sanjay Sobti claims Eva rapidly turned the middle lane and smashed into the car, crossing the median and nearly hitting another driver.

He also alleges an eye witnesses told him Longoria’s eyes “were red and bloodshot”.

hmmm… we either have a “tired” actress or a money hungry driver….

We will keep you posted with updates on this…

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