Transformers Bumblebee got stung

Oct 13, 10 Transformers Bumblebee got stung

While filming Transformers 3 in Washington DC, the set was invaded by a Police car responding to a death threat.

Although the roads were closed due for filming, the police car had to take the quickest route to get to the destination.

Turns out, that was right through the set and as a result Bumblebee got caught in the cross fire.

The Policeman went straight into a scene and surprised the driver of the Camaro, who wasn’t able to prevent a crash.

Bumblebee’s entire front end was damaged and the policeman was taken to a local hospital.

Looks like he might get ‘stung’ on the insurance…get it, stung on the insurance? I should be a comedian

Anyway, check out the video here:

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