George Michael gets his Freedom

Oct 11, 10 George Michael gets his Freedom

George Michael has been released from prison in after serving a sentence for drug driving.

The ‘Wham, bam, I am the man’ front man was slapped with an 8-week sentence on 14th September for crashing his vehicle while under the influence of illegal drugs.

George was arrested in July after being found slumped at the wheel of his Land Rover in Hampstead, north London.

The singer served the initial days of his sentence in Pentonville Prison before being transferred to Highpoint.

He said he had been treated with kindness by prison staff and fellow inmates. Hmmmm I’m sure

The star, who had a previous conviction for a similar offence, was told there was no option apart from a custodial sentence when he appeared at Highbury Magistrates Court. Aprently 8 weeks is the going rate for celebrity drug offences.

Police found Michael at his wheel after he crashed into a Snappy Snaps. He just couldn’t wait for the 24 hour service he paid for. There was a suspicion at one point that he was framed….get it…framed…snappy snaps, pictures!… ok not one of our best puns!

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