50 Cent to become ‘The Godfather’

Oct 11, 10 50 Cent to become ‘The Godfather’

There is nothing more joyful than when you are asked to become a Godfather. Even more when you’re asked to become a Godfather…….to a Rhino??!?????

Reports are circulating the web that Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson has been asked to become a godfather to Phila, an endangered black rhino in South Africa.

According to a report from The Sunday Times, Phila has had a particularly bad year — having survived two separate murder attempts by poachers which left her with nine bullet wounds.

After the first attack, the owner of the farm where Phila lives removed part of her sought-after horn, but just a few weeks later, the poachers returned and tried to slice out the rest of it. Miraculously, Phila survived.

In hopes of raising awareness of Phila’s sad story, the South African anti-poaching group eBlockwatch is calling on 50 Cent to symbolically adopt the rhino as his “Goddaughter.” The invitation isn’t completely unfounded — before rising to fame as a rap-artist, 50 Cent was also shot nine times on the drug-riddled streets of New York.

Not sure if Phila will be taking to the mic to release her pain, but I can hear the album now…… Get Rich or Rhino Tryin!

Watch this space for more info

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