Michael Jackson is back! on the Wii…

Sep 17, 10 Michael Jackson is back! on the Wii…

  • The Wii version uses Just Dance technology — so you only use one Wii Remote and no Balance Board to pull off dance moves to the rhythm of Jackson’s most popular songs.

Michael Jackson on the Wii

  • The dance routines were created from scratch, using Jackson’s music videos as inspiration. One of the game’s choreographers worked with Jackson, but Ubisoft declined to tell us who it was.
  • The Wii version is probably the only one you can cheat at because it lacks camera tracking 1-to-1 motions. The game is brutal on scoring your timing, however, so it’s probably easier to play the real way than it is to cheat just for the sake of keeping rhythm

Michael Jackson on the Wii

  • The game has two scoring options — Michael Jackson (for serious players) or Backup Dancer (for casual players). Dance-move prompts for the backup dancers appear on the right while Michael Jackson moves appear on the left. Mind you, players can choose to be scored as one thing or the other — but the dance-routine video seems to always show one Michael Jackson and up to three backup dancers.

Michael Jackson The Experience

  • The visuals are blurry and indistinct on purpose. Ubisoft wants players to connect with the avatar onscreen as opposed to getting distracted by a perfect replica of the deceased Michael Jackson in his heyday. So while the avatar looks Jackson-ish, it’s not really “him.

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