Cheers Oprah

Sep 16, 10 Cheers Oprah

best computer softwarep>Oprah Winfrey is well-known for her giving spirit.

And her audience on Monday’s episode were no exception.

Oprah announced to them that she was sending them all on an all-expenses-paid trip to Australia, the audience went wild, clapping and cheering and even crying (as they usually do)

But it seems Oprah must of forgot to mention that this fantastic ‘gift’ is actually being paid for by the Australian tourist board.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the trip will cost local taxpayers more than $2.3 million. (Allot of change)

And what has been the reaction from the Australian people?

Well it seems allot of them are not over the moon about their money being used in this way, according to various Australian news sites.

$2.3 million is a heck of allot in today’s economy. You could build a hospital, build an orphanage, build a village, give to charity, and still have enough left over to give Lady gaga dress sense!!!