Light a candle for Blockbuster

Sep 02, 10 Light a candle for Blockbuster

It is a dark day for anyone older than 18. Blockbuster has now told Hollywood studios that it is planning to file for bankruptcy to get rid of its $1 billion debt. That’s a lot of return penalties!

The plan is to restructure the company and focus on the 6,000 kiosks that are spread across the USA These kiosks let people rent DVDs for $1 per night. Blockbuster will also continue battling with their DVD-by-mail and downloading services. You keep up the good fight Mr Blockbuster!

The company is asking for support from the six major studios to keep getting a flow of DVDs and Blu-rays.

“Wow what a difference,…..Oh no my Blockbuster is now a Starbucks”

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