Heidi and Spencer Spotted Together

Sep 02, 10 Heidi and Spencer Spotted Together

Judging by the way Spencer Pratt looks I can imagine ex wife and Hills co star Heidi Montag is not regretting their break up. Making for quite the awkward spectacle,they were spotted in Heidis private villa in Costa Rica in order to exchange dogs on Monday afternoon (August 30).

Dressed in blue board shorts and carrying a backpack, Pratt – who drummed up headlines while shopping around an allege sex tape of Montag – patiently waited outside of her temporary digs with two of their pet pooches.

A short while later, Heidi emerged wearing a short purple dress as she traded the other two canine companions with her former lover before watching him speed off on a chauffeured golf cart.


In what would be deemed too inconvenient for most exes, the former “Hills” co-star couple currently retain joint custody of the four puppies they adopted over the year in which they were married.

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