Blog Update 23rd August

Hey all

Now we’ve re-designed the site, I thought I’d write a mini update as to what’s going on in Ellrays’ world.

I’ve been on holiday the past few weeks to my home country of North Cyprus. Good food, good weather and good cocktails!

While I was there I managed to switch off and relax as well as take in a Sean Paul Concert.

Not sure if it’s just me but it seems like old Seany has put on a bit of weight. He was on stage looking a little more tubby than usual.

He performed on stage to 7,000 people with all his big hits, and he even managed to get in a remix of my favourite track of the moment, shots by LMFAO.

After we were invited to the VIP area where we relaxed with the head of security and enjoyed a Cuban cigar together. Shout out to Maiyanna for organizing a great concert.

Although it was a fun part of the holiday, the best part was being interviewed on Turkish TV.

That’s right yours truly was interviewed on a Turkish TV channel called BRT2 where we discussed everything from a spoof track I made with a friend, to politics, to upcoming projects. I’m going to put it up soon so watch this space.

If you’re from North Cyprus, you will probably get this video more but it’s a parody I did of Estelle’s American Boy. It’s received over 16,000 views (for a Turkish video, that’s allot).

All in all it was a good holiday and now I’m back and working hard to bring more interesting articles for you to read.

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