Going No Where: Chinese Traffic Jam Enters 9th day

Aug 23, 10 Going No Where: Chinese Traffic Jam Enters 9th day

The 100 km- (60 miles) long traffic jam on a highway leading into Beijing has entered its ninth day, but the state media say that the end may be in view… finally!

The roadworks, which are not expected to finish for another month, are the main reason for this monster of a traffic jam. I could not imagine the amount of road rage on that stretch of road.

Small traffic accidents or broken-down cars are aggravating the congestion which started on August 14.

Drivers, mainly of freight-carrying trucks, have had to kill time playing cards, and have complained that local people are taking advantage of them by selling food at inflated prices, the report said.


I guess over population is an UNDER statement for china!

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  1. Himanshu Kapoor /

    The last pic is of New Delhi, India and not China.

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