Vybz Kartel Not Dead… and Latest Official Video

Jul 28, 10 Vybz Kartel Not Dead… and Latest Official Video


Following up on our story about Vybz Kartel being dead.. we are happy to say that there has been no solid evidence that he has been shot.

He was released from prison after Security Miniuster Dwight Nelson ordered his release 16th July 2010.

He handed himself in to the police four days after he was named as a person of interest for interviewing, he spent one week in police custody after an order to keep him in for another 30 days. Due to the order of release he only spent two weeks behind bars.

After his release rumours of Mavada shooting him in Jamaica went around like a virus through text messages and blogs on line.

As their is no solid evidence that he is dead we can now say that it was just a rumour or a publicity stunt; however we have not heard from him or his official website since his release and urging him to update his site and make a statement to his fans.

In the mean time check out his latest updated video

Vybz Kartel Feat. Russian – Jeans & Fitted (Official Video)

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