MJ’s Love Child…Shocking Secrets

Jul 28, 10 MJ’s Love Child…Shocking Secrets


The scandals about MIchael Jackson just do not stop even after his death.

Now Ms Mocienne Petit Jackson who lives in the Netherlands, is alleging that she is Michael Jacksons love child.

She has filed documents with L.A. Country Superior Court hoping she will be granted a major inheritance check including DNA.

Ms Jackson is claiming that in 1975 Michael Jackson at the young age of 17 had secretly impregnated her mother Barbara.

The best part is yet to come… Barbara happens to be Diana Ross’ SISTER!

Petit Jackson claims when she was 9 years old, Katherine Jackson hatched a plan to “abduct” MPJ and send her to Belgium to protect Michael’s “reputation.” She claims all 7 of her abductors were later murdered.

She not only wants to claim ‘her rightful amount from her fathers inheritance’ but also ‘adopt MJ’s children to give them a normal life’.

So just to get this straight… Dians Ross who was one of MJ’s best friends, has a sister who slept with Michael had his child and is now looking for justice… MONEY and KIDS.. after his death! hmmm….

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