Leaked US Documents on Wikileak

Jul 28, 10 Leaked US Documents on Wikileak

wikileaksTop secret files, logs and documents were leaked onto the internet from the USA secret intelligence regarding the war in Afghanistan and possibly the whereabouts of Bin Laden too.

The 90,000 + documents which were leaked founds its way onto the website Wikileaks, which archive leaked governmental and corporate information.

WikiLeaks’ editor-in-chief claims his organization doesn’t know who sent it some 91,000 secret U.S. military documents on the Afghan war, telling journalistAfghanistan-the-war-logs-s the website was set up to hide the source of its data from those who receive it.

Julian Assange didn’t say whether he meant he had no idea who leaked the documents or whether his organization simply could not be sure. But he did say the added layer of secrecy helped protect the site’s sources from spy agencies and hostile corporations.

“We never know the source of the leak,” he told journalists at London’s Frontline Club late Tuesday. “Our whole system is designed such that we don’t have to keep that secret.”

U.S. officials said U.S. operatives inside Afghanistan and Pakistan may be in danger following the massive online disclosure Sunday.

Take a look at the web pages that caused the stir: http://wikileaks.org/wiki/Afghan_War_Diary,_2004-2010

We recommend you to keep a close eye on Wikileaks.org, a fantastic website, which promotes the freedom of information!

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