Eminem In Parenting Crisis

Jul 23, 10 Eminem In Parenting Crisis


Eminem is going through the stage every dad goes through! He is worried that he will not be able to continue bonding with his girls and be an embarrassment.

The successful rap star who raises his 14-year-old child Hailie, 17-year-old adopted niece Alaina and former wife Kim’s seven-year-old girl Whitney – admits it is growing increasingly different to show his love for the trio as they get older.

He said: “It’s a catch-22: I want to, as a father, express my love for my girls, but I don’t want to go too far with it, where it becomes a hindrance in their lives. When they were younger… it was easier.”

The star who is now 37 years old admits that he has had a battle with a addiction for prescription drugs and that life is getting harder with less enemies and 3 beautiful girls growing up!

He explained to Spin magazine: “I was trapped in my head. I’d spent most of my career going against the grain. Calling bulls**t. And suddenly, I started running out of enemies. I started to become that cliche – my own worst enemy. It may sound corny, but I’ll go by and try to remember how things were when I was in those houses. I’ll go back and remember, like, f**k, man, how life was back then. How much of a struggle it was. As time goes by, you might get content and forget things.”

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