‘Purr’ by Katy Perry

Jul 22, 10 ‘Purr’ by Katy Perry


Even though there is high competition between celebrity perfumes, Katy Perry hopes her fragrance will stand out.

The “Hot N Cold” singer explained Purr by Katy Perry is her attempt at expressing herself through the powerful sense of smell.

“I have about 50 fragrances and I’m intrigued by the mystique scent has. I saw a lot of my peers getting into this world, and, as with my music, I thought I could bring my touch to the category and make it competitive.”

“There are amazing fragrances backed by other celebrities, but what I’m bringing is not like any other. It wasn’t just like, ‘I love gardenias.’ That would have been the easy route. I really wanted to develop a scent that was completely unlike anything I’d smelled before and not one that smelled like a knockoff of another scent. I’d never want to do anything ‘just because.’”

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