New Claims Against Gibson

Jul 22, 10 New Claims Against Gibson

As if there isn’t already enough drama a new claim has swept this case off its feet. Not long after the taped conversations between alleged violent man Mel GIbson and ex girlfriend Oksana, another violent attack has been put forward by the Russian beauty.

She has told the police that Gibson allegedly physically abused her 12 year old son Alexander in 2009 during a party. Obviously the claim has been denied by Gibson and his lawyers.

Oksana says her son Alexander was jumping up and down, trying to knock a cigarette out of Gibson’s mouth when the “Lethal Weapon” actor grabbed him and threw him onto a table.

But Gibson’s people say they have multiple witnesses from the party who dispute Oksana’s recollection of the events. They say he was playing around with the boy and no one got angry or hurt.

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