Case against Mel…

Jul 16, 10 Case against Mel…


Mel Gibson’s ex girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva is claiming that Mel Gibson bruised their 8 month old baby girl. Gibson’s ex girlfriend Russian Oksana has filed a law suit against him, claiming that he hit their baby (who was being held by Oksana) while taking a swing at her and  that she wants to take custody off him.

Oksana’s 12 year old son allegedly saw the numerous fights between his mum and Gibson.

There are also claims that Oksana has leaked secret recordings of conversations between herself and Gibson, she has been told that could jeopardise the case. However, Oksana denies she is the leak. GIbson’s legal team is also claiming to have ‘concrete forensic evidence’ that the recordings have been tampered with


Robyn Gibson is continuing to back her ex husband by writting  a sworn declaration on behalf of the Mad Max actor in which she insists he never harmed her or any of the couple’s seven children during their 28-year marriage.
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