Germany Triumphs Eurovision 2010

May 30, 10 Germany Triumphs Eurovision 2010

At NCM we would like to congratulate Germany for their first Eurovision win since 1982 with the hit ‘Satellite’.

The winning act performed by 19 year old Lena topped the score board with 246 points.


Lena performing for Germany

Turkey performed a very successful act again this year represented by MaNga and ‘we could be the same’, the group finished second with 170 points.


MaNga live on stage

Romania’s Paula Seling & Ovi and Denmark’s Chanée & N’evergreen followed in third and fourth place respectively.


As with every year recently we are sorry to report UK’s poor performance even though they ended last (quoting Grahame Norton) at least they were in double figures!!


Josh representing UK

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