Megan Fox Unemployed

May 20, 10 Megan Fox Unemployed

It time to light a candle and mourn, for Megan Fox has been Fired from Transformers 3.

Reports have come in that Michael Bay has given Megan her P45 and sent her on her merry way.

It could be something to do with calling your boss Hitler that gets you fired from one of the biggest action movies in history!

Looks like just as Michael Bay has the power to make her, he also has the power to break her!

Bay and Fox have had disputes all through the first and second films with some of the crew stating that Fox is a nightmare to work with, adding that she’s “thankless, classless, graceless, and unfriendly.”

But word around campus is that Fox was fired because her character doesn’t fit the direction the franchise is heading in. Bay has apparently decided that it is better that Shia LaBeouf’s character wasn’t tied down to a love interest. Lets face it trying to save planet earth with the Autobots does take a strain on a relationship.

“Transformers 3″ has already started filming and images and videos have been popping up all over the internet of Fox on set, so looks like she will have to claim jobseekers allowance, down to the job centre Megan and no pushing in

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