Ashley Olsen in Terrifying Plane Experience

May 19, 10 Ashley Olsen in Terrifying Plane Experience

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Ashley Olsen’s plane was forced to make an emergency landing on the 16th May.

The 23-year-old actress-and-designer was travelling from New York to Los Angeles with her boyfriend, ‘The Hangover’ actor Justin Bartha, when an electrical fire sparked in the cockpit, forcing the pilot to land the aircraft in Virginia.

Publicist Phil Lobel – who was a passenger on the plane – told ET Online the incident was a “harrowing experience” as the fire had caused the windscreen to crack, which “obscured the pilot’s ability to conduct a visual landing”.

According to reports, the passengers – which also included ‘Californication’ actress Pamela Adlon and ‘Jersey Boys’ star Jarrod Spector – bonded and celebrated their safe landing once safely inside the airport.

The group were rebooked onto flights to complete their journey on the morning of 17th May. Sounds like a conspiracy to me with so many celebs in one aircraft!

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