Twilight your baby

May 13, 10 Twilight your baby

Baby-CullenNY Times have reported that The Social Security Administration have released its annual rundown of the most popular names for newborns.

Leaping a whopping 300 spots to take 485th place was an ancient name with modern fame: Cullen, the last name of the Edward (Robert Pattinson) from the “Twilight” franchise.

The name had the biggest increase of any boy’s name. But the “Twilight” references don’t end there; the most popular boy’s name ended up being Jacob, the name of Edward’s rival and played by Taylor Lautner. (Around the world a million new dads are rolling their eyes)

They also reported that out of 4.1 million babies, there were about 21,000 new Jacobs and 22,000 Isabellas. But the names have always been popular. Cullen, on the other hand, is a rare name, which is why it was a big surprise that it was the choice of 555 couples.

So apparently it’s cool to name your child after a Vampire. Forget people that have changed the world like Nelson Mandela, Obama. Donald Trump even, it’s all about fictional characters from a vampire series.

And we wonder why the world is falling apart!

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