Jersey Shore Season 3 Update

May 12, 10 Jersey Shore Season 3 Update

Jersey Shore Season 3Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will no doubt have caught Jersey Shore fever.

Symptoms include self tanning, purchases of studded and jewelled clothing and lots of gym memberships.

As we wait for season 2 to kick off, OK! Has confirmed that that the rumours that the gang won’t be around for season 3 are false…Kind of!!!
Ok! Have reported that the network have said they are simply keeping their options open.
If like me, you were getting ready to mourn no more snooki, fear not for there may still be hope. We don’t know what the ‘situation’ is but we hope they stick around.
The MTV show Jersey shore has become huge in the USA after showing the lives of a group of guiros and guidettes as they spend the summer together in a summer house.
Italian groups’ sparked controversy claiming the show was stereotypical and racist against the Italian people.

But even Obama must be a fan. He even managed to name drop them into his speech (that Obama is a cool dude)

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