Alexis Neiers jailed

May 12, 10 Alexis Neiers jailed

American reality TV star Alexis Neiers has been jailed for stealing from the rich and keeping it from the poor.

She has admitted to being a member of the ‘Bling Ring’ teenage gang that stole over £2 Million worth of clothes and jewellery from Hollywood A-Listers homes.

Neiers, 18, has been jailed for 6 months and has confessed to braking into the home of Orlando Bloom and stealing his prize possessions including designer watches!
Alexis Neiers
Celebs that were targeted in the robberies included Bloom , Megan Fox, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale, the O.C’s Rachel Bilson and Audrina Patridge of MTV reality show The Hills.

So for stealing over £2 million from celebrities you get 6 months.

If I was Alexis I’d delay paying it back, put that £2 million in the bank, in 6 months you will have a nice little bit of interest waiting for you when you get out no?

According to the, When she was arrested Neiers had already filmed the pilot episode for a US reality television show called Pretty Wild, on the E! Network.

- Fitting name!

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