Going back to the Shore…

Apr 12, 10 Going back to the Shore…

alg_jersey_shore_mtvIt’s official… Jersey Shore’s new season begins July 29 back to good old Seaside Heights.

Rumors were circulating that the Jersey Shore gang wouldn’t be returning for season 2 but MTV have now announced that they are all coming back and the season will kick off in Miami but will still be based at the Jersey Shore.

It is also confirmed that Angelina, the girl that got fired, will return for the new season. She left half way through season one because of issues with her boyfriend…(married boyfriend may we add)

“It’s like a big family reunion after all this time,”
says Tony DiSanto, MTV’s president of programming.

“We couldn’t be more excited that the whole group is back together in Miami and that they’ll be going back to Jersey when the sun heats up.”

MTV is also casting for a new reality show for Persian-Americans.

What about a British version? Chuck in a couple of Londoners and see what happens!

All we know is that its all about G.T.L….Gym, Tanning and Laundry!

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