Kick Ass Review

Apr 01, 10 Kick Ass Review

kick-ass-movieI was first privileged to see Kick Ass about a month before release and initially my thoughts before the filmed started was that this film probably was going to be well…ok.

As I munched on my popcorn and my wine gums that I snuck in, I wondered how a British director with a British cast will be able to take on the might of Hollywood blockbusters such as Iron Man and Spiderman.

For a start the lead actor Aaron Johnson doesn’t exactly look like someone you would include on your birthday list as he seems pretty boring in real life,(that’s what we’ve heard from sources) and how would he do as an American teenager filled with testosterone And a plethora of weapons.

The film kicked off and I was still wondering where it was going. Then it really took off…..

The film was amazing filled with humour, violence and a young girl saying the C word… And I don’t mean carrots. It’s a word that rhymes with blunt!!!

Nic cage was hilarious as big daddy which made me wonder where did Nicholas Cage go wrong? He was brilliant in this film.

For every goody, there’s a baddy which was supplied from Mark Strong who managed to hold his New York accent throughout. He was a believable baddy and what was great about this character was it showed how being a new York mobster can have a knock on effect to your child, played by Mclovin aka Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

This film is filled with action, comedy, romance, drama and an ending that screams for a trilogy.

It’s an amazing film and deserves the 5 stars it’s been receiving around the world.

I since went to the UK premiere and after seeing it for the second time I still concur that this Kicks the Ass of some of Hollywood’s massive blockbusters.

Kick ass is in cinemas now. And also stars allot of British actors including Dexter Fletcher and Tamer Hassan.

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