80s/90s Remakes Galore

Mar 19, 10 80s/90s Remakes Galore

ilove80sIt seems there has been allot of coverage recently about a few remakes that are in the pipelines

First up, its reported that Jennifer (sponsored by Louboutin) Lopez is down to appear in the remake of the 80’s classic overbroad.

The original starred Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell and is always a classic to watch on Saturday afternoon TV.

Not sure if she will be able to fill the shoes of the great Goldie Hawn (especially as there probably not Louboutins) but who would play the male lead?

Our monies on Matthew McConaughey, Marc Anthony…. or how about Russell Brand?

Second reported remake comes from the creative mind of Tim Burton. Rumours are going around town that Mr B is going to remake………The Adams Family!

Websites are reporting that he will be returning to stop animation, similar to the Nightmare before Christmas, while also jumping on the bandwagon with 3D.

You can’t beat the original movies from the 90’s. Raul Julia is the man!

And finally, reports are flying in that the 80’s classic The Monster Squad is getting remade. Rumours are floating around that Paramount Studios are in talks to resurrect the film with the directing talents of Rob Cohen (the guy that directed xXx)

Let’s hope he doesn’t cast Vin Diesel as Dracula!

For those that can’t remember the original, here’s a trailer for the DVD (which is amazing by the way)

Keep checking www.newcovermagazine.com for more info, but for now……enjoy

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