Cheryl Cole’s Family Fury

Mar 11, 10 Cheryl Cole’s Family Fury

cheryl_coleThe ‘Parachute’ singer – who announced her separation from the football player Ashley Cole last month – was left devastated by claims he had slept with a string of women behind her back and her brother is furious at the way “arrogant” Ashley treated his younger sister. Andrew Tweedy said: “My heart bleeds for Cheryl, I know what she’s going through. This has really hurt her. She has a heart of gold and does not deserve it.

“Ashley Cole is arrogant and I will never forgive him for what he has done to my little sister.”

Andrew, 29, claims Cheryl is even more upset because she had been planning to put her career on hold and have children with Ashley.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “She saw him as a father to their kids. That’s why she married him and that’s why he has left her heartbroken.

“Having kids with him, becoming a mother, that’s all Cheryl has ever really wanted. She comes from a big family, we are all still close and the maternal instinct is really strong. The public humiliation makes it 10 times worse, but for her not being able to start a family is the hardest part.”

Despite claims Cheryl, 26, was set to give Ashley another chance, Andrew insists they will divorce.

He said: “As far as I’m aware they are talking about the practicalities of divorce. There is no way back for Ashley.”

Meanwhile, Ashley is said to be chain-smoking as he copes with the stress over the public breakdown of his marriage.

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