Russell Brand feels “fulfilled” by Katy Perry

Nov 17, 09 Russell Brand feels “fulfilled” by Katy Perry

russell-brandRussell Brand feels “fulfilled” by Katy Perry. The British actor insists he has never been so happy in his current relationship with the “I Kissed A Girl singer” and he has put his womanising ways behind him. Russell, 34, said “I was very happy in the last two months. All I know is that I met someone I like and that makes me happy. I am very satisfied.” Having met Katy, she has certainly been a catalyst to change my life but I have changed my life for myself first and foremost, because it’s a better way for me to be living at this time . “Russell – who has already fought against heroin addiction – says things are going so well with the 25-year-old singer has even met his parents pastor, who have already expressed their dismay at his novel, but insists their meeting was a success.katy-perry-july08-nc1

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