2012 The Movie Trailer

2012: Doomsday is a drama starring Dale Midkiff as Dr. Frank Richards, Lloyd Cliff De Young, Ami Dolenz as Susan, and Sarah Danae Nason. Lloyd discovered the world is about to be subjected to extreme climate change due to gravitational pull of a black hole. But in reality

extreme climate change is an ancient prophecy is about to be fulfilled. Warning: My movie review contains plot spoilers.



2012: Doomsday is extremely annoying. I rented because I thought it would be a movie full of action in the event of natural destruction. I suppose I should pay more attention to the coverage of the film because the film is a story of modern Christian rapture which is not necessarily bad if it was not so boring. I actually like the films Christians. I really enjoyed the Left Behind series, but 2012: Doomsday is so boring and not at all comparable to other major Christian movies.

The film switches into three groups of plants. Dr. Frank Richards found a gold crucifix that must be used to unlock a room in an ancient temple. His ex-wife accompanies him, but died en route. Sarah is a missionary in Mexico, who escorts a pregnant woman in the temple. It is accompanied by Alex, a photographer, but he died on the road too. Susan is a paramedic in California, who is drawn to Mexico because of a childhood dream when she traveled to Mexico with his mother. Her mother disappears en route, supposedly taken the Rapture. Lloyd drives to Mexico to find his daughter Sarah and Susan picked up along the road. And all come together, reach the temple, and accomplish their goal of seeing the baby born pregnant. The film never said technically the baby “Jesus”, but it involves you. That’s my main gripe with the plot. Jesus did not need to be reborn again. It has already been born once and that was enough. Do not want to make the baby Antichrist? I think the writer needs to read Revelations again.

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