High School Musical Star – Caught Naked – Again!

Aug 07, 09 High School Musical Star – Caught Naked – Again!

Hudgens Giving a Sexy Pose

Hudgens Giving a Sexy Pose

High School Musical Star and Zac Effron’s so called girlfriend had naked photographs of her all over the internet at one point. It can happen, she’s a young beautiful girl with a private sex life. However when it starts to happen again and the publicity surrounds her for the 2nd time then people start to think something is up. It is also a massive coincidence that the second set of photos leaked just as her new movie Bandslam is about to be released! Very Interesting!

Several websites have complained of receiving emails from Vanessa Hudgens attorneys demanding that the recently leaked nude photographs of Hudgens be taken down immediately.

In the letter her attorneys state that the photos are the property of Ms. Hudgens thereby making all those who post guilty of copyright infringement. They also allege that Ms. Hudgens was underage at the time the photos were taken.

But maybe if she just stopped taking photos like that and allwoing them to be ‘leaked’ every so often might just be the answer they are looking for. That would end this negative publicity blitz and keep Ms. Hudgen’s goodies off the front page of websites and blogs today.

Vanessa Hudgens photos were showcased everywhere form local blogs to the national papers. We if this was cry for attention from the young starlet. It’s hard to believe that this was not a calculated move, she’s had this happen before and for it to happen again just shows that she was either irresponsible or deliberate – either way not a good impression to be giving young girls who idolize her.

Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and tons of other starlets have been exposed on the internet but they were one and done. It’s rather peculiar that Ms. Hudgens has now been exposed for a second time – the story is still developing – we wonder how long it will take for the next set of ‘leaked’ photos! To put the situation straight – we are not against people who take their clothes off and take photos. It’s the ones that do it deliberately then moan about the scandal it’s caused. Either do it and stand behind your decision or don’t do it!


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