Rumour: Lil Wayne Shot Dead

The latest rumor to explode across the internet is that rapper Lil Wayne was shot dead last weekend. Similar to the Sarah Palin divorce report, however, this rumor is also based on lies.

The rumor has been perpetuated by comments like: “Dwayne Carter known by his rap alias of ‘Lil Wayne’ is the latest victim of the notorious feud between the ‘Bloods’ And ‘Crips’. Shortly after performing at the New Orleans Arena, Lil Wayne was involved in an altercation with members of rival gang the ‘Crips’, and brutally shot 6 times with a semi automatic 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun.”

Lil Wayne Alive & Well

Lil Wayne Alive & Well

Again, the above statement – which has appeared in segments everywhere from popular blogs to Twitter – is completely false.

So fans of Lil Wayne do not worry he is indeed alive and well.

However is well awaited album Rebirth has reportedly been pushed back to this autumn and will only be released when it has reached “perfection.”

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    whoever started this rumor need 2 stop

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