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President Barrack Obama has been the face of mysterious posters which have been put up in Los Angeles this week. He is seen portrayed as “Joker” c

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haracter from the Dark Knight played by Heath Ledger.

The caption “socialist” appears beneath the poster.

Who made the poster (or who is distributing them) is not yet known.

As expected, many are outraged and offended by the poster.

As the day progresses, the poster is beginning to appear on off-ramps and underpasses in the Hollywood area.

Although reports at this time are unconfirmed, it is being reported that the release of the Obama Joker posters may be a coordinated endeavor across the US today by groups or organizations angry with the President, presumably, over issues relating to the proposed universal health care.

While the source of anger is obvious, the confusion lies in who is responsible for the posters. According to an article this morning by Associated Content: “As if it isn’t enough to equate President Obama to a sadistic, murdering terrorist, a more typical charge of socialism is made in the bottom of the Obama Joker poster. Nothing more specific is spelled out, and no one as of yet has figured out where these posters come from, or who made them.”

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